Ford Radio Codes Unlocked From Series From £2.99 (M Series) to £3.99(V Series)

We are upto 95% cheaper than the dealership! To get your Ford Radio Code simply select your code type (M or V), add your serial and email then proceed. We pride ourselves on giving you a first class service, we only supply geniune ford radio unlock codes. Payments in euros are also accepted.

Ford Radios Supported: Any serial starting with M or V which includes the Ford 6000 CD and many more.

Our decoding service covers Ford Focus, Fiesta, Escort, Galaxy, Granada, Ka, S-Max, C-Max, Mondeo, Orion, Scorpio, Transit, Puma, Ranger, Kuga, Tourneo and other common European models.

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How to find your Ford radio code serial

Ford Radio Sticker Location V and M Codes

To locate your serial number you can press 1 and 6 together on the radio it should display your serial if not you will need to remove the radio and locate the radio label which is located on the top or side of the radio casing.

There are online guides and video tutorials on You Tube that can help with the removal of the radio.

How to enter Ford radio code

Switch the radio on and the word "code" should appear in the display.

If the code does not appear immediately, press the "select" button momentarily, and "code" should then appear within the display. If you do not have a "select" radio button alternatively use button 5.

Repeatedly press button 1 then 2, 3 and 4 until all the correct digits of the code are displayed.

Once the code has been correctly selected on the radio's display, press the "select" button to enter.

Video instructions

Over 62,177 Ford Radios Unlocked

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